Cinema 76

Cinema ’76 Film Society


Cinema ’76 is the pioneering micro-cinema dedicated to bringing the latest and classic Filipino films (indie and mainstream) as well as Hollywood and foreign films to the general movie audiences.

Cinema ’76 has been a theatrical venue-partner for local independent film festivals such as Cinema One Originals, QCinema Film Festival, CineFilipino Film Festival, ToFarm Film Festival and many more.

A micro-cinema which started at San Juan City has birthed a new branch at Anonas, Quezon City which has a 70-seater MP4 cinema and a 130-seater DCP cinema.


Cinema ’76 Services

  • Daily and Weekly Theatrical Releases
  • Block Screenings
  • Cinema Rental
  • Film Festival Venue
  • Master Classes
  • Special Events and Premieres

Locations and Contact Information

Cinema ’76 Anonas

3rd Floor Anonas LRT City Center,
Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City


63 2 82771516

tel:63 2 86375076 
Cinema ’76 San Juan

160 Luna Mencias Street,
Baranggay Addition Hills, San Juan City


63 2 86375076


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