Writers’ Room



Writers’ Room by TBA Studios is an annual workshop that trains writers and/or writer-directors developing a script for a feature film. It ventures into exploring different ways in which a film project can be born: a story based on an original idea or an adaptation based on a pre-existing work. The workshop is aimed at projects at an early development stage and to intensively explore deep into the writing process, individually and in small groups.

Throughout the workshop, the projects will move forward with the writing of the first draft of the script. Also, the workshop will invite some industry professionals working in the fields of development and production that will guide the fellows for the duration of the workshop, and to assess the progress of their projects.

In addition to the workshop, a final presentation of the projects concludes the program: all participants will pitch their projects to TBA Studios and have one-to-one meetings with some of the producers.

Who can apply?

Writers’ Room by TBA Studios is open to writers and writer-directors from all over the country. Applicants must confirm their full availability for all the workshops.

  • You have a Filipino nationality
  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You have filled out the application form correctly. Only completed applications including required submission material submitted by the deadline are reviewed. In case you are selected, please be aware that your data will be published as provided by you.
  • You are a writer and/or a writer-director and have experience in writing and directing in at least two short films.
  • You have submitted a complete application, including a sample of work.
  • You are able to attend the program in TBA Studios during the entire period

Application Requirements

  • Application Form (download below)
  • Biography (300 words, in English)
  • Personal Statement (750 words, in English)
  • Portfolio
    • Must be the writer or writer/director of the film
    • Must be submitted via online link
    • Choose up to three films of your previous works (feature or short-length films)
    • Materials should be max. 15 minutes in length: less than 15 minutes short film or an excerpt from some feature film which you worked for previously. The sample should be subtitled in English.

Further Regulations

  • Applicant agrees that his/her photograph and data may be published online.
  • Applicants with an adaptation project need to have secured the rights.
  • Applicant allows TBA Studios to have the right of first look to the projects produced during the lab.
  • Writers’ Room by TBA Studios offers, free of charge, a comprehensive program and many privileges to all participants. In return we expect your cooperation and daily attendance at the workshop. Writers’ Room by TBA Studios reserves the right to remove participants who are repeatedly late and absent.


  • Applicants will be selected at the sole discretion of the TBA Studios Creative Department.
  • Incomplete applications that do not satisfy the listed criteria for eligibility or follow the stated rules may be excluded from consideration without any prior notice.
  • Applicants selected for participation will be notified by e-mail by end-August 2019 at the latest.Please make sure that the e-mail addresses provided in the application form are correct. The list of selected participants will be published on TBA Studios Facebook page on this date.

Benefits for Selected Applicants

  • 15 Fellows will be officially selected
  • No entry fee; Free scriptwriting workshop organized by TBA Studios
  • Meals provided
  • After participating in Writers’ Room by TBA Studios, alumni will get a chance to be a part of the creative team of TBA Studios.


  • For participants from outside Metro Manila, the applicant will solely shoulder transportation and accommodation expenses.

Application Deadline
Writers’ Room by TBA Studios deadline is August 19, 2019, 5:00 PM.

TBA Studios Creative Department
E-mail: writersroom@tba.ph


With over a hundred applications, we now present to you the 18 official participants of Writers’ Room by TBA Studios! Congratulations and welcome to the Writers’ Room, Batch 1!