Satisfy your cravings with Cinema ‘76 Café’s new hot meals and bar drinks

Satisfy your cravings with Cinema ‘76 Café’s new hot meals and bar drinks

Treat your taste buds to a variety of hot meals and bar drinks now offered at the movie-themed dining spot Cinema ‘76 Café. The expanded menu coincides with its new operating hours: from 11 am to 10 pm, Mondays to Thursdays, 11 am to 12 mn, Fridays to Sundays.

Now serving customers everyday of the week, the open-air café offers a wide selection of affordable yet filling rice meals such as Bacon & Cheese Sausage, Beef Caldereta, Beef Gyudon, Beef Stroganoff, Bistek Tagalog, Lechon Pares, Chicken Curry, Pork Humba, and Wagyu. 

If you’re looking for something to drink with a little bit of kick to it, then look no further!  Cinema ‘76 Café also now serves quality alcoholic drinks that range from beer, whiskey, rum, and tequila.  It even has a special treat for birthday celebrants who are dining at the café. Just present one valid ID with your date of birth and you get a free Tequila Birthday Shot! 

Being the neighborhood café, Cinema ‘76 Café extends a special 10% discount to tenants and employees of the Anonas LRT City Center

Don’t miss your chance to try out these new scrumptious dishes and refreshing drinks!  Whether you’re dining in or ordering for take out, Cinema ‘76 Café is definitely a quick and easy go-to spot for quality coffee, rice meals, or bar drinks that would surely fit your budget.

Cinema ‘76 Café is located on the second floor of Anonas LRT City Center in Quezon City.

Chat with Cinema ‘76 Café staff via Facebook or order directly via Viber at +63906 236 2365. You can also pre-order ahead via the Dingdong delivery service 

For more updates, follow Cinema ‘76 Cafe on Facebook and Instagram.

Cinema ‘76 Cafe

2/F Anonas LRT City Center, Aurora Boulevard, Quezon City

Operating hours: Mondays – Sundays / 11 am – 10 pm

+63906 236 2365

International Coffee Day: How the world enjoys coffee in unique ways

International Coffee Day: How the world enjoys coffee in unique ways

Today is International Coffee Day, the wonderful time when coffee lovers across the globe share their love of the caffeine beverage. Indeed, there are more ways to celebrate this day beyond a cup of 3-in-1 coffee. Let’s find how each corner of the world wakes up and starts its day with coffee.

Turkish Coffee in the Middle East

(Image from Noel Prabhuraj/Pixabay)

If there is something ancient Turks, Persians, and Greeks could agree with, it’s the delight of drinking Turkish Coffee. A popular method of coffee preparation in the Middle East, Turkish Coffee is brewed in a pot called a “cezve”. Just below boiling, the finely ground coffee beans sink to the bottom of the cup while the liquid part is the portion to be consumed.

‘Suspended coffee’ in Italy

(Image from

Think of this as a version of bayanihan that started in Naples, Italy. “Suspended coffee” or café sospeso refers to the custom of paying double for a coffee for a stranger who could not afford to buy one. This pay-it-forward tradition that originated among the working class in Italy spilled into other parts of Europe, especially in Spain where people would order coffee in advance to be claimed by someone less unfortunate.

Dalgona coffee in Macau, China

(Image from Joseph Mucira/Pixabay)

Who hasn’t heard of Dalgona coffee, which kept most of us sane during the first year of the lockdown? While it bears a Korean name, Dalgona coffee was invented by Macau café owner Leong Kam Hon, a former shipwright. The hand-beaten coffee is made by whisking sugar, instant coffee, and hot water together 400 times. In 2020, a South Korean host featured the drink on TV and opined that it reminded him of  “Dalgona” or honeycomb in English. The rest, as they say, is history.

Coffee Santhe in India

(Image from Yana Tik/Pixabay)

Coffee Santhe is the most popular coffee festival in the subcontinent usually held at the beginning of the year. The event goes beyond brewing as it features paintings made from brewed coffee, clothes fitted with coffee-bean buttons, and other jewelry made from coffee’s raw materials. This is no surprise because coffee is the drink choice of most Indians – especially with its own coffee filter kaapi.  Meter coffee is also popular — a practice where coffee with milk is poured back and forth between tall cups. 

Kaffeost in Finland

(Image from

Whereas we dip pan de sal into our coffee, those in Finland find the same satisfaction with cheese curds. “Kaffeost” literally means “coffee and cheese”. It combines bitter coffee and a typical local cheese, the Leipäjuusto. Kaffeost is a popular combination in the Scandinavian peninsula that Finland shares with the neighboring country Sweden. No one really knows how it came about and how it became a welcome drink to share with new and returning friends.

Irish Coffee

(Image from Jill Wellington/Pixabay)

The country of origin of Irish Coffee is a giveaway. A drink invented after World War II, the Irish Coffee was concocted by chef Joe Sherridan who wanted to serve a new kind of drink to Americans traveling to Ireland. Originally called “Irish Coffey”, the delightful mixture contains coffee and whiskey.

Curious about Irish Coffee?  Try this delectable drink in its virgin, non-alcoholic variant at Cinema ‘76 Café!  Starting today, Oct. 1, 2021, Cinema ‘76 Café is now open Mondays – Sundays from 11  am to 10 pm. Cinema ‘76 Café is open for al fresco dine-in at the second floor of Anonas LRT City Center along Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City or order via Viber at +63906 236 2365. 

Love at the Coffee Shop: How to dine-in at a café Pinoy Romcom style

Love at the Coffee Shop: How to dine-in at a café Pinoy Romcom style

What are the chances that you would find love in a coffee shop? 

Coffee and romances pair well if the number of fan-favorite movies is any indication.  Whether it’s a place of work, blossoming romance, or a stopover in one’s soul-searching, the café is a perfect spot to gaze into someone’s eyes, albeit through acetate shields and over physically distanced tables.

Before you head out to your favorite café with your crush, why don’t you check out some of the most memorable and quirky café moments in popular Pinoy romcoms. Who knows, maybe you can get a kilig tip or two!

Write About Love (2019)                                                Director: Crisanto Aquino

(Image Source: TBA Studios)

While the two protagonists first met during a pitch session, rookie screenplay writer (Miles Ocampo) and veteran scribe (Rocco Nacino) formally collaborate at a café.  While the two clashed on nearly every idea they had for the screenplay they were working on, it’s obvious that both writers are bonded by their passion for their craft and their love for coffee.  This gives us a glimpse of the couple’s potential to go beyond their work relationship as co-writers.

“Write About Love” won several awards at the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival including Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor for Joem Bascon, and Best Supporting Actress for Yeng Constantino. Watch the movie now on Netflix.

Kung Paano Siya Nawala / How She Left Me (2018)  Director: Joel Ruiz

(Image Source: TBA Studios)

Meet-cute at a café sounds like a perfect scenario for love.  In TV and film, a meet-cute refers to the scene where potential lovers meet for the first time under amusing circumstances.  But if you’re suffering from a medical condition of prosopagnosia or face blindness, a café meet-cute might be a bit complicated.  Lio (JM de Guzman) kissed a girl, Shana (Rhian Ramos) outside a bar.  He then meets her again in a coffee shop where Shana works as a barista.  But because he could not remember people’s faces, he was not aware he had met Shana before.

Produced by TBA Studios, “How She Left Me” is now streaming on Netflix.

That Thing Called Tadhana (2014)                                            Director: Antoinette Jadaone

(Image Source: Cinema One)

There’s something about the intimate space of a café and the warm scent of a fresh brew that makes it a great spot to share stories about your life with a friend, a significant other, or a stranger you met at the airport on a trip up north. Mace (Angelica Panganiban) literally and figuratively carried extra baggage with her, which his new companion Anthony (JM de Guzman) was willing to take care of.  Experiencing existential dread, the two went to a café in Session Road to discuss life’s unanswered questions. 

The screenplay placed third at the 2014 Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature. The movie also won major awards at the Gawad Urian and Cinema One Originals Film Festival. You can watch “That Thing Called Tadhana” on Netflix.

English Only Please (2014)                                            Director: Dan Villegas

(Image Source: Quantum Films)

Was there a time you had to make EDSA traffic as an excuse for being late? Then you probably could relate to language tutor Tere (Jennilyn Mercado) whose tardiness did not impress his Fil-Am client Julian (Derek Ramsay). The café is their tutoring spot for Julian, proving that coffee shops can be a great spot for study dates too.

“English Only Please” is available for on-demand viewing via Google Play.

I’m Drunk, I Love You. (2017)                                        Director: JP Habac

(Image Source: TBA Studios)

“Ate, pa-order naman ng kape, kailangan kong kabahan,” so said Carson (Maja Salvador), who finally met her rival Pathy (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) at a café in La Union.  Things may not be going smoothly for Carson and her mission to make her longtime crush Dio (Paulo Avelino) fall in love with her, but at least she has her gay best friend and some caffeine to keep her fueled. 

“I’m Drunk, I Love You.” is now streaming on Netflix and TBA Studios’ YouTube channel.

Looking for a coffee place for your real-life meet-cute? Visit Cinema ‘76 Café on the second floor of Anonas LRT City Center along Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City or order via Viber at +63906 236 2365.