Be kind, rewind: New ‘old’ movies to watch this year

Be Kind, Rewind: New 'Old' Movies to Watch This Year

Call us old-school, but nothing beats watching movies on the big screen. The clear pictures and immersive audio give us a more satisfying viewing experience. Now that cinemas have been open for a while, film studios are releasing their backlog of movies that got pushed back from their initial 2020-2021 playdates. Here are some of the full-length features you should not miss at your favorite theater.

House of Gucci

The story of House of Gucci is one bad romance, top-billed by Lady Gaga. Directed by Ridley Scott, the movie is based on the shocking true story of the eponymous fashion empire that made betrayal and murder trend long before the Internet was born. House of Gucci also stars Adam Driver, Jared Leto, Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Salma Hayek and Jack Huston.

The Comeback Trail

Hollywood screen legends and Oscar winners—Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones, and Morgan Freeman lead the star-studded cast for The Comeback Trail, the action-packed comedy about a western production that hopes to literally kill its aging star. George Gallo directs from a script he wrote with Josh Posner in a remake of Harry Hurwitz’s 1982 film of the same name. 

King Richard

Curious how Will Smith nabbed the Golden Globe Best Actor award this year? Then watch his critically acclaimed performance in King Richard, a biographical film about the coach/mentor/father that gave the world tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams. The movie is directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green of Monsters and Men fame.

Fanny: The Right to Rock

If you’ve been itching to watch a documentary on the big screen, then Fanny: The Right to Rock got you covered. Written and directed by Canadian filmmaker Bobbi Jo Hart, the docu reveals the untold story of the legendary Filipina American-fronted rock band whose groundbreaking impact in music was written out of history.  Fanny: The Right to Rock had its World Premiere in the Hot Docs International Documentary Film Festival on April 29, 2021, which drew enthusiastic reviews and generated an early buzz for the film.

Licorice Pizza

A critics’ favorite, Licorice Pizza tells the story of Alana Kane and Gary Valentine growing up, running around and falling in love in the San Fernando Valley, 1973. Written and Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, the film tracks the treacherous navigation of first love. Alana Haim, one-third of the sibling rock band Haim, makes her acting debut in this movie. Licorice Pizza was also named one of the best films of 2021 by the American Film Institute. 

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6 Movies to Watch this Holiday Season at Cinema ‘76

6 Movies to Watch this Holiday Season at Cinema ‘76

Re-gifting might be something frown upon this season of giving but at Cinema ‘76, offering previous film releases you might have missed would be the best presents you could give to yourself and your loved ones!

Watch with your lola: Encanto

Treat your grandma or your grandpa to a fun family movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios, “Encanto”. The animated feature is not only for kids but for the whole fam! Follow Mirabel’s journey towards finding her self-worth while living with family members with mystical superpowers.

Watch with your tita: Spencer

Divert your tita’s attention away from your weight gain or single blessedness to the one of the most controversial persons of her time. Watch “Spencer”, a drama film inspired by inspired by Princess Diana’s (Kristen Stewart) decision to end her marriage to Prince Charles (Jack Farthing) and leave the British royal family. Bring her to Cinema ‘76 Cafe afterwards for some “banlaw” session.

Watch with your barkada: Dune

“Dune” was released during the first week of the cinemas’ reopening so if you and your gang missed it, it’s the perfect movie to coincide with your reunion. Enjoy stunning visuals in this epic science fiction film directed by Denis Villeneuve. Or you could just gaze at the cuteness of Timothée Chalamet for more than two hours.

Watch with your ‘tol: Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings

If your brother is into martial arts or Marvel films, then treat him to a viewing of “Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings”. Don’t forget to stay for the mid-credits and post-credits scenes!

Watch with your boyfie: Eternals

“Eternals” has something for your superhero-loving boyfie who is obligated to watch all Marvel Studios films. Don’t count yourself out too because you could be enamored by the love triangle between Ikkaris, Sersi, and Dane Whitman, the future Black Knight.

Watch with your gay BFF: Big Night!

Start your MMFF marathon with “Big Night!”, a story about a gay man who was oblivious that he was included in the authorities’ watch list amid the polarizing war on drugs. 

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TBA Studios presents “The Flip Side”, a collection of fun viral videos from Filipino influencers from North America

TBA Studios is all set to put the spotlight on content creators of Filipino descent catching the eyes of several viewers across North America. Aptly called “The Flip Side”, this unique project aims to showcase Filipino American influencers and digital creators through different compilation videos that express their lives and experiences as Filipinos living and growing up in America. 

Intended for audiences looking for fresh, fun, and quick bites of entertainment, viewers will be treated to a wide variety of content such as music, dance, fitness, beauty, humor, food, travel, and much more.  

Viewers can get new episodes each week that will highlight an influencer and feature their talents and stories. For its opening salvo, “The Flip Side” will drop an episode featuring one of the many Fil-Am content creators that are making waves right now in America, indie musician Raquel Lily.

Lily is thrilled about being part of “The Flip Side”, “You can expect a lot of baby-making music out of me, as well as funny videos poking fun at myself,” she said. “Whether it’s music or memeing, I just wanna make you smile.”

Take a five-minute trip to “The Flip Side” starting on November 25, Thanksgiving Day in North America and November 26 in the Philippines. Follow TBA Studios’ YouTube channel to see new episodes weekly.

Sinepanghalina completes another successful season of “Direk to the Point”

Sinepanghalina completes another successful season of “Direk to the Point”

Sinepanghalina, a quality filmmaking, and horror content production has successfully wrapped the second season of their virtual event “Direk to the Point: The Art of Visual Storytelling”  that was held last October 23rd .

Their two-and-a-half-hour live event, which was aired on their Facebook page, was indeed a huge success for the team by pulling together eight different film directors in a virtual roundtable discussion to confer about cinematic storytelling, and gathered nearly 500 live viewers. The event effectively brought again together people from all walks of life, including students, enthusiasts, aspiring filmmakers, and, of course, experts in the film industry. The discussion went well as directors took part answering questions about the topic, which was facilitated by Ron Rayton of the Cine Files podcast. Direk Paolo Villaluna, Direk Pam Miras, Direk Mikhail Red, Direk Ida Anita Del Mundo, Direk Rod Singh, Direk Carlo Catu, Direk Dwein Baltazar, and Direk Victor Villanueva were among the guest directors who shared their stories and insights from the film industry. Some event participants also had the chance to ask questions to them and engage with the  filmmakers regarding the filmmaking process and some advices. Direk Paolo Villaluna had quoted, “Directors should always look at the big picture para at the end of the day tama ba ang desisyon o emotional arc ng character base don sa gusto mong ikwento. Of course, there are change sometimes on the set, sometimes we have a brilliant actor will just suddenly change the whole story and then we’ll also make some adjustments as long as it leads don sa point of your story.” when he asked about how he manage the emotional authenticity throughout the story of the film. When the discussion led to how they address societal and political issue using their crafts, he stated that in filmmaking, filmmaker and storytellers can’t separate the politics no matter what film genre it is and even most of the people don’t make films they are part of advocacies in the community that he thinks that it also good to point it out to aspiring filmmakers that personal advocacy actually really matters. “It’s important for building an audience, for appreciation genre for students and even filmmakers you can always learn something even from a bad film. You can also reflect as a filmmaker…atleast naha-highlight yung strengths and you learn a lot from that and sa next project mo you get to challenge yourself explore something else try something else or parang improve upon things na hindi mo napansin before, pero you have to take that risk.” said Direk Mikhail Red when asked how does criticism is important in the field of filmmaking. When asked about the country’s rampant misogyny, Direk Ida Anita Del Mundo said that many women filmmakers in the Philippines produce more documentaries than narrative films, and they have the strength of character to use the platform to produce documentaries that have something to say and reach a large audience, which she believes is the most important aspect of filmmaking.

In incorporating comedy in film, Direk Rod Singh commented, “Kailangan malinaw at responsible ang filmmakers na comedy is shooting up…You don’t make fun of people who are powerless. You make fun of the system, of culture that make people oppressed.” The team feels very motivated to conduct and continue producing live events as a result of persistent victorious success of Sinepanghalina’s virtual live event, as both fans and followers engage with them to produce more. The second season of “Direk to the Point” would not be possible without the support and help of its partners: Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Media Arts Senior High School Student Council, BulSu Cinephilia, Gulaman Entertainment, Loyola Film Circle, UP Cinema, UP Cinema Arts Society, FOCUS BatstateU Camera Club, Silip @ Lente Adamson University, Edge TV Philippines, Cinema ’76 Cafe, Pelikulove, and Active Vista.

They also launched their first merchandise, which is now available for pre-order. Check out their PELIKULABYU SHIRTS, PELIKULISM NOTEPAD, and STICKER PACKS!


Stay up to date by following Sinepanghalina on Facebook, Instagram (@sinepanghalina), and YouTube (Sinepanghalina).

4 Terrifying Horror and Suspense Films to Watch for Halloween

4 Terrifying Horror and Suspense Films to Watch for Halloween

Are you ready for a spooky movie marathon this Halloween? We dusted off some of the terrifying thrillers and horror flicks from the TBA Studios’ AV crypt that you can watch with your friends, family or even solo if you’re a brave one.

Roh (2019) Dir. Emir Ezwan

Photo credit: TBA Studios

Also known as “Soul”, this indie arthouse film is about a forest coming alive with terrors after a strange girl visited a vulnerable mother and her two children. “Roh” is Malaysia’s entry to the 93rd Academy Awards for Best International Feature Film. Distributed by TBA Studios, “Roh” is now streaming on Netflix.

Freaks (2018) Directors Zach Lipovsky and Adam Stein

Photo credit: Amazing Incorporated

In this science fiction thriller, a girl discovers a world beyond her front door after being secluded by her overprotective father. Is the world outside truly a dangerous one or is her father living with paranoia? Find out on “Freaks” which you can watch on Cinema ‘76 @ Home. The movie gained a Rotten Tomatoes approval rating of 87% based on 75 reviews, with an average rating of 7.1/10.

Bliss (2017) Dir. Jerrold Tarog

Photo credit: TBA Studios

Jerrold Tarog of “Heneral Luna” fame explores the horrors of the mind in “Bliss”. Following an accident on set, actress Jane Ciego (Iza Calzado) who had always wanted to star in a critically acclaimed movie is secluded to avoid attention from the press. As days go by, she descends into insanity as she experiences horrors and madness while being trapped in her own home. The film competed in Japan at the 12th Osaka Asian Film Festival in March 2017 to critical acclaim, where Calzado also garnered the Yakushi Pearl Award for Best Performer.

You can watch “Bliss” on Netflix

Birdshot (2016) Dir. Mikhail Red

Photo credit: TBA Studios

In this thriller film, a busload of farmers en route to Manila went missing in the province. But all eyes were diverted to the case of killing a Philippine eagle, an endangered species locally known as Haribon. Mirroring real disturbing events in recent history, “Birdshot” became the first Filipino film released worldwide by Netflix. Watch the movie here.

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Sinepanghalina to launch “Direk 2 the Point: The Art of Visual Storytelling

Sinepanghalina to launch “Direk 2 the Point: The Art of Visual Storytelling

Sinepanghalina is a Filipino horror film production made up of a group of passionate filmmakers and enthusiasts that want to keep developing great socially relevant horror films for Filipino audiences. They are also known for their multi-award-winning short films “Ma?” “Dungaw,” and “Bisperas,” which have been acknowledged at numerous local and international film festivals and have won numerous prizes and recognitions.

Since the pandemic is still underway, their goal of providing socially relevant horror films to their viewers has been placed on hold. With the circumstances, they swerved in creating and continuously expanding their Facebook, Instagram pages and as well as exploring YouTube, to provide horror and film content to their intended audience that aspires to inform, educate, inspire, and entertain. Their weekly programing is composed of different contents such as everyday on Facebook: Sunday Breakdown, One-liner Sundays, Short-list Sundays, 8 Tips, Trendy Tuesdays, Did You Know?, Random Wednesday, Character of the Week, Unexposed, 10 Life Lessons, Thrilling Thursday, Fan Art Friday, Films to Stream Online, Face Off Friday, and Pocket Film School; every Monday on Instagram: Roll and Reminisce, Fashion in Fiction, and Read the Lens; for YouTube every Wednesday: Buttered Popcorn, Behind the Spotlight, Flick Flashback, and Pelikhula.

They swerved to strengthen their presence on their social media sites and deliver engaging content to their viewers by executing one of their online contents, as they continue to reach over 4.9 million organic people monthly and have earned 63,000 organic Facebook followers, 1,742 Instagram followers, and 843 subscribers on YouTube as of today. They will offer a series of webinars to enlighten viewers on the filmmaking process and what to expect once they enter the industry. With just said, they will be hosting the second season of their round-table discussion ‘Direk 2 to the Point: The Art of Visual Storytelling,’ a director’s virtual round-table discussion that will stream on all of their media platforms on Saturday, October 23, at 8 p.m.

‘Direk to the Point: The Art of Visual Storytelling’ is a virtual directors roundtable in which viewers can learn more about the art of filmmaking from some of the country’s best visual storytellers. Eight incredibly outstanding film directors get together in one live event to share techniques, experiences, inspirations, and so much more!

The guest directors that will be participating in the discussion this season are Direk Paolo Villaluna who is known for his works such as Selda (2007), Walang Hanggang Paalam (2009), and Pauwi Na (2016), Direk Pam Miras who is famous for Wag kang Titingin (2010), Pascalina (2012), and Medusae (2017); Direk Mikhail Red who is known for Rekorder (2013), Birdshot (2016), Neomanila (2017), and Dead Kids (2019), the one behind K’na the Dreamweaver (2014), and An Orchestra in Search of a Home (2016)- Direk Ida Anita Del Mundo, Direk Rod Singh who directed  Mamu: And a Mother Too (2018), Isang Tula Para sa Nawawala (2018), and TM Mad Rush to Your Crush (2021), Direk Carlo Catu who is known for Ari: My Life with a King (2015), Laut (2016), and Kung Paano Hinihintay ang Dapithapon (2018), Direk Dwein Baltazar who directed Mamay Umeng (2012), Oda sa Wala (2018), and Gusto Kita with All My Hypothalamus (2018), and the director of My Paranormal Romance (2011), Patay na si Hesus (2016), and Lucid (2019)-Direk Victor Villanueva. Ron Rayton, known for his podcast ‘CineFiles,’ will host the event.

Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Media Arts Senior High School Student Council, BulSu Cinephilia, Gulaman Entertainment, Loyola Film Circle, UP Cinema, UP Cinema Arts Society, FOCUS BatstateU Camera Club, Silip @ Lente Adamson University, Edge TV Philippines, Cinema ’76 Cafe, Pelikulove, and Active Vista are among the organizations and media partners supporting ‘Direk to the Point: The Art of Visual Storytelling.’

Join Sinepanghalina’s pilot event! Don’t miss out the opportunity to meet the industry’s biggest names! Register now for free:

Follow Sinepanghalina on Facebook, Instagram (@sinepanghalina), and YouTube (Sinepanghalina) to learn more about their events and contents.



Epy Quizon is known for playing iconic roles such as the hero Apolinario Mabini in TBA Studios’ blockbuster historical films Heneral Luna and Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral.  But for his latest project, his actor-side takes a backseat to tackle personal advocacy.

“With the overwhelming disunity and discord happening in the country today and in social media, it is time that Filipino artists rise up and unite with an overwhelming message of peace that will resound in all corners of the archipelago for all Filipinos and the whole world.”

This is how Quizon describes the concept for “Lukso Ng Dugo”, a song that he co-wrote with rappers Mike Swift and Gloc 9 with a distinct goal to promote peace in the country.

Quizon leads an impressive list of some of the country’s biggest names in music and entertainment who lent their voices, talent, and time to help make this inspiring song namely Gary Valenciano, Gloc 9, Jett Pangan, 
Ebe Dancel, Nyoy Volante, Cookie Chua, Iza Calzado, Matteo Guidicelli, Bayang Barrios, Paolo Santos, Yeng Constantino, Eric Santos, Kyla,
Barbie Almalbis, Kat Agarrado, Bugoy, 
Gab Alipe,
 Mike Swift, Autotelic,
 Nicole Ascencio, Rivermaya, Vince De Jesus, Sud,
 Ira Cruz,
 Michael Alba, Yosha Honasan, Karel Honasan, Nikko Rivera, and the Symphony of Angel Children’s Choir.

To make sure that the message reaches its audience far and wide, Quizon directed and produced a music video featuring all the artists involved during the song’s recording session, intercut with scenic landscape shots and touching images of Mindanao.  The result is a beautifully rousing music video that would leave its viewers and listeners in awe.

“Lukso Ng Dugo” is part of a series campaign that also involves a short film called Bukal. 

Bukal has already reaped several international awards to date. First, at the Cannes World Film Festival in July earning the Best Director (Short Film), Best Foreign Film, and Best Ensemble Cast awards. In August, Quizon won the Best Producer and Outstanding Achievement Award at Indie Short Fest in Los Angeles (ISF-LA).  Bukal also went on to win the Award of Excellence (Special Jury Mention), Best Drama Short, Best Original Score for Ira Cruz, and Outstanding Achievement Award (Ensemble Cast) for Alvin Anson, Ronnie Quizon, Christian Vasquez, and Archie Alemania. 

Bukal is set to be released in the Philippines soon. 

You can watch the star-studded music video for “Lukso Ng Dugo” here:

What to watch during Filipino-American History Month

What to watch during Filipino-American History Month

October marks the Filipino-American History Month (FAHM) in the U.S. and one of the ways to celebrate the impact and contribution of Filipinos in shaping America as a nation is by watching movies!

Life Is What You Make It (2017)

Dir: Jhett Tolentino

This short documentary tells the story of Tony and Grammy award-winning Filipino theatre producer Jhett Tolentino. In the docu, he retraces his migration from Iloilo into the United States and his entry into theatre production in New York.

“Life Is What You Make It” is part of the Shorts Bundle exclusive on Cinema ‘76 @ Home and TBA Play for cinephiles abroad. Catch the complete bundle for Php 250/USD7.99 or in a two-film bundle for Php 150/USD4.99.

Lingua Franca (2019)

Dir: Isabel Sandoval

The third narrative feature of writer-director-actress Isabel Sandoval, “Lingua Franca” tells the story of Olivia, an undocumented trans Filipina immigrant working as a caregiver to Olga, a Russian-Jewish grandmother living in Brooklyn, New York. She fell in love with a slaughterhouse worker, who was not aware she is transgender. The film has an 86% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with the consensus: “Lingua Franca brings warmth and humanity to its social issue-driven plot with sensitive performances and writer-director Isabel Sandoval’s gently empathetic touch”. Sandoval won Best Actress for her role in the film at the 18th Pacific Meridian International Film Festival in Russia last year.

“Lingua Franca” is streaming on Netflix in U.S. territories.

Heneral Luna (2015) and Goyo: The Boy General (2018)

Dir: Jerrold Tarog

Contemporary stories of contemporary Filipino Americans may be the spotlight during FAHM.  But if you are looking to deepen your knowledge on the history of the Philippines and America, the outstanding masterpiece “Heneral Luna” and its equally powerful sequel “Goyo: The Boy General”, set during the conflict between Filipino and American forces, are definitely worth watching. 

The movies are now streaming on Netflix worldwide.

To know more about the films, follow TBA Studios on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. Join the conversation online using the hashtag #ProudlyTBA.

International Coffee Day: How the world enjoys coffee in unique ways

International Coffee Day: How the world enjoys coffee in unique ways

Today is International Coffee Day, the wonderful time when coffee lovers across the globe share their love of the caffeine beverage. Indeed, there are more ways to celebrate this day beyond a cup of 3-in-1 coffee. Let’s find how each corner of the world wakes up and starts its day with coffee.

Turkish Coffee in the Middle East

(Image from Noel Prabhuraj/Pixabay)

If there is something ancient Turks, Persians, and Greeks could agree with, it’s the delight of drinking Turkish Coffee. A popular method of coffee preparation in the Middle East, Turkish Coffee is brewed in a pot called a “cezve”. Just below boiling, the finely ground coffee beans sink to the bottom of the cup while the liquid part is the portion to be consumed.

‘Suspended coffee’ in Italy

(Image from

Think of this as a version of bayanihan that started in Naples, Italy. “Suspended coffee” or café sospeso refers to the custom of paying double for a coffee for a stranger who could not afford to buy one. This pay-it-forward tradition that originated among the working class in Italy spilled into other parts of Europe, especially in Spain where people would order coffee in advance to be claimed by someone less unfortunate.

Dalgona coffee in Macau, China

(Image from Joseph Mucira/Pixabay)

Who hasn’t heard of Dalgona coffee, which kept most of us sane during the first year of the lockdown? While it bears a Korean name, Dalgona coffee was invented by Macau café owner Leong Kam Hon, a former shipwright. The hand-beaten coffee is made by whisking sugar, instant coffee, and hot water together 400 times. In 2020, a South Korean host featured the drink on TV and opined that it reminded him of  “Dalgona” or honeycomb in English. The rest, as they say, is history.

Coffee Santhe in India

(Image from Yana Tik/Pixabay)

Coffee Santhe is the most popular coffee festival in the subcontinent usually held at the beginning of the year. The event goes beyond brewing as it features paintings made from brewed coffee, clothes fitted with coffee-bean buttons, and other jewelry made from coffee’s raw materials. This is no surprise because coffee is the drink choice of most Indians – especially with its own coffee filter kaapi.  Meter coffee is also popular — a practice where coffee with milk is poured back and forth between tall cups. 

Kaffeost in Finland

(Image from

Whereas we dip pan de sal into our coffee, those in Finland find the same satisfaction with cheese curds. “Kaffeost” literally means “coffee and cheese”. It combines bitter coffee and a typical local cheese, the Leipäjuusto. Kaffeost is a popular combination in the Scandinavian peninsula that Finland shares with the neighboring country Sweden. No one really knows how it came about and how it became a welcome drink to share with new and returning friends.

Irish Coffee

(Image from Jill Wellington/Pixabay)

The country of origin of Irish Coffee is a giveaway. A drink invented after World War II, the Irish Coffee was concocted by chef Joe Sherridan who wanted to serve a new kind of drink to Americans traveling to Ireland. Originally called “Irish Coffey”, the delightful mixture contains coffee and whiskey.

Curious about Irish Coffee?  Try this delectable drink in its virgin, non-alcoholic variant at Cinema ‘76 Café!  Starting today, Oct. 1, 2021, Cinema ‘76 Café is now open Mondays – Sundays from 11  am to 10 pm. Cinema ‘76 Café is open for al fresco dine-in at the second floor of Anonas LRT City Center along Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City or order via Viber at +63906 236 2365. 

Love at the Coffee Shop: How to dine-in at a café Pinoy Romcom style

Love at the Coffee Shop: How to dine-in at a café Pinoy Romcom style

What are the chances that you would find love in a coffee shop? 

Coffee and romances pair well if the number of fan-favorite movies is any indication.  Whether it’s a place of work, blossoming romance, or a stopover in one’s soul-searching, the café is a perfect spot to gaze into someone’s eyes, albeit through acetate shields and over physically distanced tables.

Before you head out to your favorite café with your crush, why don’t you check out some of the most memorable and quirky café moments in popular Pinoy romcoms. Who knows, maybe you can get a kilig tip or two!

Write About Love (2019)                                                Director: Crisanto Aquino

(Image Source: TBA Studios)

While the two protagonists first met during a pitch session, rookie screenplay writer (Miles Ocampo) and veteran scribe (Rocco Nacino) formally collaborate at a café.  While the two clashed on nearly every idea they had for the screenplay they were working on, it’s obvious that both writers are bonded by their passion for their craft and their love for coffee.  This gives us a glimpse of the couple’s potential to go beyond their work relationship as co-writers.

“Write About Love” won several awards at the 2019 Metro Manila Film Festival including Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor for Joem Bascon, and Best Supporting Actress for Yeng Constantino. Watch the movie now on Netflix.

Kung Paano Siya Nawala / How She Left Me (2018)  Director: Joel Ruiz

(Image Source: TBA Studios)

Meet-cute at a café sounds like a perfect scenario for love.  In TV and film, a meet-cute refers to the scene where potential lovers meet for the first time under amusing circumstances.  But if you’re suffering from a medical condition of prosopagnosia or face blindness, a café meet-cute might be a bit complicated.  Lio (JM de Guzman) kissed a girl, Shana (Rhian Ramos) outside a bar.  He then meets her again in a coffee shop where Shana works as a barista.  But because he could not remember people’s faces, he was not aware he had met Shana before.

Produced by TBA Studios, “How She Left Me” is now streaming on Netflix.

That Thing Called Tadhana (2014)                                            Director: Antoinette Jadaone

(Image Source: Cinema One)

There’s something about the intimate space of a café and the warm scent of a fresh brew that makes it a great spot to share stories about your life with a friend, a significant other, or a stranger you met at the airport on a trip up north. Mace (Angelica Panganiban) literally and figuratively carried extra baggage with her, which his new companion Anthony (JM de Guzman) was willing to take care of.  Experiencing existential dread, the two went to a café in Session Road to discuss life’s unanswered questions. 

The screenplay placed third at the 2014 Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature. The movie also won major awards at the Gawad Urian and Cinema One Originals Film Festival. You can watch “That Thing Called Tadhana” on Netflix.

English Only Please (2014)                                            Director: Dan Villegas

(Image Source: Quantum Films)

Was there a time you had to make EDSA traffic as an excuse for being late? Then you probably could relate to language tutor Tere (Jennilyn Mercado) whose tardiness did not impress his Fil-Am client Julian (Derek Ramsay). The café is their tutoring spot for Julian, proving that coffee shops can be a great spot for study dates too.

“English Only Please” is available for on-demand viewing via Google Play.

I’m Drunk, I Love You. (2017)                                        Director: JP Habac

(Image Source: TBA Studios)

“Ate, pa-order naman ng kape, kailangan kong kabahan,” so said Carson (Maja Salvador), who finally met her rival Pathy (Jasmine Curtis-Smith) at a café in La Union.  Things may not be going smoothly for Carson and her mission to make her longtime crush Dio (Paulo Avelino) fall in love with her, but at least she has her gay best friend and some caffeine to keep her fueled. 

“I’m Drunk, I Love You.” is now streaming on Netflix and TBA Studios’ YouTube channel.

Looking for a coffee place for your real-life meet-cute? Visit Cinema ‘76 Café on the second floor of Anonas LRT City Center along Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City or order via Viber at +63906 236 2365.