Satisfy your beach FOMO with Cinema ‘76 Cafē-cation group meals

Satisfy your beach FOMO with Cinema ‘76 Cafē-cation group meals

Miss mo na ba mag travel? The past two years of the pandemic have been a traveler’s worst nightmare with travel and tourism going to a grinding halt. The past months have been kinder since restrictions are slowly easing up and tourism is picking up. Folks have been able to continue on with their travel goals and check off their travel bucket lists, while still observing safety protocols of course. 

Whether your travel plans have been put on hold because of the pandemic or you just miss traveling, or maybe you are a travel/tourism expert you might want to check out Cinema ‘76 Cafe’s Cafē-cation group meals! These fun barkada meals are a nod to favorite tourist destinations such as Boracay, Baler, and La Union.

Famous for its white sand beaches, Boracay is a top destination for vacations amongst both locals and foreigners. Bringing Boracay’s fun and friendly spirit, its Cafē-cation meal consists of: (1) Pitcher of Soju Pineapple – because you can’t have a beach inspired drink without the fresh taste of pineapple right? (3) Blowjob shots – a creamy cocktail that combines amaretto, Irish cream, and whipped cream. (1) Beef Tapa platter – a tasty Pinoy-classic dish, and (1) Shake or Skrambol for a nice and cool dessert.

When you think of Baler, you think that it’s famous for surfing but did you know that the 1979  Francis Ford Coppola film “Apocalypse Now” was filmed there? And it was actually the American actors whom locals saw surfing that gave way to Baler’s now famous surfing culture. The Baler Cafē-cation group meal matches this vibe with its no-frills but equally hearty meal, which includes: (3) Chug Mugs, (1) Sausage Platter – simple, but would surely hit the spot, and (1) Shake or Skrambol to cap off this scrumptious meal with something sweet.

Elyu is also known for its beautiful beaches and for the colorful and intimate hostels which tourists flock to. For Pinoy romcom fans, Elyu is synonymous with the iconic film “I’m Drunk, I Love You.” The Maja Salvador-Paulo Avelino starrer made its mark in pop culture for its quirky storyline, quotable quotes, and most of all, the unending barkada drinking sessions at Elyu’s photogenic beaches. It goes without saying that Cinema ‘76 Cafe’s Elyu Cafē-cation group meal is heavily inspired by this popular film, made up of (4) Red Horse Bottles, (1) Timecheck shot–a tequila-based signature mix made specially for Cinema ‘76 Cafe, (1) Laing with bagnet platter–the IDILY gang’s favorite dish, and (1) Shake or Skrambol.

So next time you are missing the beautiful beaches in the Philippines and may not immediately be able to hop on the next plane or bus ride, you can just take an LRT ride or a grab car and head on to Cinema ‘76 Cafe and try out the next best thing, their Cafē-cation group meals!

This special promo is available until May 31, 2022.