5 JP Habac Movies and Series You Can Watch Right Now

5 JP Habac Movies and Series You Can Watch Right Now

Time check!  What makes a JP Habac movie or series so memorable? Is it the masterfully crafted stories brought about by confined spaces like small apartment units or hotel rooms? Is it the youthful and idyllic long trips to La Union or a tour of the summer capital?  Perhaps it’s all about the pain that comes with loving someone who doesn’t see you the same way. Aww, sakit naman.

Well, whatever reasons you are watching a JP Habac movie or series, we can all agree that he is among the best storytellers of his generation. Here’s a list to prove he’s the go-to guy for sweet romances and heartbreaks.

I’m Drunk, I Love You. (2017)

Freshly dropping this week on Netflix Philippines is Habac’s first feature film, “I’m Drunk, I Love You.”  Originally an entry for a local festival, Habac pulled it out due to budget constraints. The screenplay, also written by Habac and Giancarlo Abrahan, was later optioned by TBA Studios starring a stellar cast led by Paulo Avelino as the oblivious boy-best friend Dio and Maja Salvador as his lovestruck “tol”, Carson.  With only a few days before graduation, the two go on a road trip up north to finally make peace with what their relationship really is.

You can also watch “I’m Drunk, I Love You.” on TBA Studios’ YouTube Channel available in select territories.

Sakaling Maging Tayo (2019)

(Image Source: Black Sheep)

Continuing with Habac’s theme of young love and college romance, the popular love team of McLisse stars in the 2019 coming-of-age romcom “Sakaling Maging Tayo”.  Mccoy De Leon and Elisse Joson play college freshmen Pol and Laya who do a series of dares and confessions before one of them chooses to leave Baguio City for good.

You can watch “Sakaling Maging Tayo” on Netflix.

Gaya sa Pelikula / Like in the Movies (2020)

(Image Source: Globe Studios)

Habac’s first foray in the Boys’ Love (BL) genre, “Gaya sa Pelikula” showcases the tandem of newcomer Paolo Pangilinan and theater actor Ian Pangilinan. With Habac on its helm, the series not only showed a budding romance between a closeted architecture student and a proud gay aspiring filmmaker, but also the microaggressions queer people experience from their own families.

Gaya Sa Pelikula” is now streaming on Netflix. 

Meet Me Outside (2020)

(Image Source: Outsiders PH Youtube)

A microseries produced for gay social networking app Blued, “Meet Me Outside” tells a story about an influencer James (Kaloy Tingcungco) and a hotel attendant Dale (Genesis Redido) who find solace from each other during the holidays.  As New Year approaches, the two have to decide if what they had was only a fling that they would have to leave behind in 2020.

Watch this other JP Habac-helmed series on Outsiders PH YouTube channel. 

Dito at Doon / Here and There (2021)

With his unique brand of romcom that is oftentimes quirky and hilarious, but also incredibly real and relatable, “Dito at Doon” has found critical acclaim here and abroad as a cautionary tale on internet romance in the time of COVID.  Its lead star Janine Gutierrez even won the Rising Star Award at the New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) this year for her performance in the film.

Netflix picked the movie for worldwide release on the platform with an international title, “Here and There.” Watch the movie here.